ok ive got the active desktop goin which is coming nicely but ive got a request for the calender here it goes

1. make it where you click the date it comes up with a to do list for that day

2. or just open up my to do list on Outlook either would be nice but i just want it to open up today not end up clicking lets say the 30th when its the 20th and have it pop up the program so it would change with the days...... i know i know im asking alot here but that would be nice to have


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You can create a link to Outlook's tasks.
Simply create a shortcut and have it point to:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\OUTLOOK.EXE" /c ipm.task

Then setup a .VBS file and have it point to that shortcut.
Add the link below the calendar.
I don't foresee myself making anymore enhancements to the calendar any time soon.

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I use mooz's desktop Calendar on my desktop. That is..when I click Outlook Calender on my desktop, this comes up.

Is this what you mean?


well i was talking about when you click the date on the calender it pops up outlook on the tasks for that day eh its asking alot but would be cool if it can be done

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