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Cad for electronics?


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What version or type of cad is used for electrical setups..maybe circuits? I overheard someone chatting about Cad and electrical applications..any ideas?
There are various functions associated with electronics work:

Schematic capture with PCB layout.
Schematic capture with circuit analysis (analog, digital or mixed mode).
Analysis tools for FPGA design.
Capture and design tools for chip layout.

The packages are generally in the $3K and up price range. It depends on what you need to do on which you would choose.

I beleive autocad has electronics add on packages but a pure electronics choice is better.

There are some free circuit analysis packages out there.


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Eagle CAD is a Electronics schematic/PCB layout tool.
LogicWorks is used for designing electronic circuits and testing them, it is not used for creating schematics or layouts on PCB.
Xilinx has their ISE suite for programming/debugging FPGA's

None of the above are particularly cheap, but most of them have demo's available.

In electronics you don't have blue prints, you have schematics. They are approximately the equivalent but still entire different. CAD only stands for Computer Aided Design. That covers almost every thing. Anything that is design and can be aided by a computer. Electronics are designed just as much as houses, as cars, as computer casings.

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