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Cache ?



hey guys

its maybe a silly question

but what is the 'cache'?
whats the difference between a p4 with 256k of cache and a p4 with 512?


I have a 512kb cache. A friend with otherwise the same basic hardware but a 256 cache has a speed difference noticed only in benchmarks and stress test. There seems to be about a 23% increase in performance on my pc. I built his like I built mine, but I couldn't get a 1.80A p4 at the time, so he settled for a 1.80...Right now it doesn't make that much of a difference, because software doesn't demand it yet.

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Bus Speed

Ok since we have the cache down, what about bus speed?. I know it increases performance but if that was tottaly true then the Pent4 533mhz fsb would kill AMD correct? And we know that's not the issue, so whats up with that? Also does the 533fsb rock with the pc800 ram?


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Bus speeds haven't REALLY changed in the last few years, they are just doing duplex and "quad pumping" and such, which are faster, but not really, still 100 or 133 mhz core bus speed. Also, as far as Cache goes, it's static ram, as in it doesn't get refreshed like SDram, thus it's very fast (and expensive to produce) it's basically like cache->ram->HD, if the CPU can access the info it needs straight from cache.. VERY fast, if it needs to get into ram, still quite fast, if it needs to go the whole way back to the HD, slowness

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So you are telling me that I would be pretty much wasting my money if I buy a Pent4 533fsb cpu over the 400fsb cpu?

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Well I am about to drop $500.00 on 2 cpu's and about another $300.00 on 2 motherboards this month. I am a little confused about the buss rate. I will be compiling "C" and doing some graphic rendering and I though the a large fsb would help but it looks like I may be mistaken. The setup I was planning on was:
Pent4 2.26 533fsb
Motherboard: Not sure yet. (any sugestions would be great!)
Ram: 512mb PC800
AGP: Radeon all in Wonder Pro

If the buss makes little to no diffrence from 266, 400, and 533. (and I think thats what you guys are saying) I could say a lot of money, so a deeper explaination will help me a lot. Also is there any moatherboard besides Intel that offer pc800 compatibility.

Thanks to all that apply,
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Nothing wrong with 533fsb, it's performance gain is slight but it is there. Also, a board that would really benefit from the P4 is the Ausus P4T533 with 32 bit RIMM. This is the ultimate kick-a** performance board. Nothing, and I mean nothing touches it in the performance catagory. Stability is also excellent.

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