C&C Tiberium Demo Review


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Yawn. That pretty much says it all.

Very stable but lacking in eye candy and nothing new or exciting in the game play. EE II was more fun.

Demo only supports stand alone with a training Mission and skirmish capability.

Not really worth the download time. ~1.2 gig

Oh yeah and I did not see an option to install anywhere but C: which clutters up my system drive. :(


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EE II? What's that? I might give this a go, I've not played any C&C games since Tiberian Sun, and not really enjoyed any since RA 2. Hold on, which of those came first?

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C&C3 is good fun, its doesn't add anything new really, a generally very familiar feel to it, but I have finished it with GDI and am blasting thru NOD.

Gotta love the return of high resolution (well that was introduced) FMV tho.
I keep thinking of how blocking the original cutscenes where when the game first came out.


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Thanks for the review! (Is there a place where you can download the demo?)

I loved C&C: Red Alert so I am very much looking forward to C&C3! :D

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C&C3 was pretty good, I don't really find much of a replay value in these games though - was fun while it lasted!


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the single player was fairly entertaining.. haven't really tried multiplayer aspects of it though.

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