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Masaki Ando

I have an ASUS A7V266-E. It ships with an onboard RAID controller. However, I have one 40GB Maxtor IDE HDD (probably a Ultra100) and a 8.4GB(the computer says its capacity is 7.85GB)(maybe it is an UATA33/66?) Western Digital IDE. I tried ONCE connecting both HDDs to the RAID connector with the right ribbon cable, and the system failed to boot. So I decided to ditch the RAID. After a while, I got annoyed about how long I have to wait for it to check Ultra100 drives which result in detecting nothing. I would appreciate anyone who could help me solve any problem.


Masaki Ando

Ja, but it can only toggle the onboard modem riser module and onboard sound on/off, not the RAID
On Page 23, Item 11 in the manual you have a jumper setting, "These jumpers enable the ATA100 Controller Card, or the IDE RAID controller function. The default setting enables ATA100."

That's really all I could find on it in the manual. I guess there's no way to completely disable it, sorry.

Masaki Ando

Ehh.. it is just probably the problem w/ the MB...

So, if I really want to try again on doing the RAID, is it safe for me to do so?

I have a UATA100(maybe) 40G Maxtor and a 8.4G(though my WINXP says 7.58G) UATA33?/66?(I dont know about this one) Western Digital HDD
You can try putting them on separate channels. I wouldn't attempt setting them up in any kind of array... strictly atononmous of each other. For RAID configurations you really need the same size drives. But they should run independantly of each other ok on the RAID controller.

Thx taurus... It's been pretty good to me so far. I think I'll go with Asus next time. It takes Abit forever to update thier support stuff.

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