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Buying my 1st DVD Burner...

I currently have a cd-burner and am wanting to upgrade to a DVD Burner.

My current cd-burner is a Lite-On and I am very happy with the performance and compatibility with many media brands.

I want compatibility first and foremost with my new purchase as I have been down the road with previous cd-burners where media brands were a problem. Lite-On is the first cd-burner I have purchased where brand type wasn't an issue. The 2nd thing I look for is speed - I want the quick burn times, BUT with the best results and also the best read times. Noise isn't really a factor unless it's to a point where I have to warn the neighbours it's just me using my pc and not a Jumbo Jet taking off in the backyard.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.


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I have a HP DVD530i that I have not had any problems with, and it wasn't very expensive either. It will burn DVD+r in Dual layer
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i actually like my Lite-On SOHW-1639s. 16x DVD+/-RW drive that can also burn double-layer discs. think i picked it up at the computer show for like $60. haven't had a problem with it yet, nor did i have a problem with my old 4x DVD+/-RW from Lite-On. they're pretty damn good quality burners i'd say.


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I would get one that can have a firmware update and be able to burn dual layer dvds. Im not sure which ones can do this; I was wondering myself :)

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I have a Lite-On SOHW-1673S and have been real pleased with it.

Since I have owned this drive Lite-On have released three firmware upgrades and all three were to match more media not fix any problems with the drive.

I like the fact they keep up on matching media.

Lite-On DVD Firmware page.


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NEC, Lite-On, Sony, Pioneer, MSI and a variety of other companies make exceptional products. HP also makes really good drives with light-scribe technology.

You can't really go wrong with any of these, simply select the one with the best features (dual layer functionality and format support) as well as the best software. Its the reason I choose my Sony (check for my Sony review in this section).


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I think it's much easier to find firmware upgrades for Lite-On drives than any other drives out there if you need one.

I'll be looking for one to remove the region lock on the drive once my waranty expires.
I'm gonna say you only need to look at the LG GSA-4163/4160 as that will read/write all but one format - including dual layer and DVD-RAM.


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LordOfLA said:
I'm gonna say you only need to look at the LG GSA-4163/4160 as that will read/write all but one format - including dual layer and DVD-RAM.
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