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Buying hardware in Japan


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Hi guys and galls,

I've been lucky to get a chance to go on holiday to Japan, and after talking to a few people, have realised that techy stuff can be bought quite cheap out there.

Has anyone had any experience of buying stuff in Japan/Tokyo and possibly give me some hints/tips? In particular I was thinking about a laptop, maybe a digital camera, stuff like that...

I would appreciate if anyone could help as I know there is an issue of power supplies being different over in Japan rather than here in UK. Anything else I should consider? If I bought a laptop out there, brought it back here and replaced the power supply, do you think I could install a UK version of XP without any major probs?

Also, can anyone recommend any good stores in Akihabara or elsewhere to find cheap stuff?

Thank you, thank you, thankyou.


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If you do your homework you might be able to get things cheaper in a duty free shop before you go. That way if it stuffs up you haven't got far to go to get it replaced. :D
If you are thinking of buying laptops here, the choices are more and most of the models are up to date and unavailable anywhere.
About the power supply, I suggest get a 240v to 110v converter but be reminded if intended to use for the PC get a bigger and higher watts converter rather than the 'plug on the wall' type.I bought most., if not all my PCs and laptops here.The only thing is that they are bundled with softwares which you don't really require.The OS is Japanese of course., but what I did to mine was , I re install with the English version.Prices are much cheaper compare to in the US and UK.If going to places like Akibahara, avoid going to places like 'Duty Free Shop'. It is duty free., but its more like a 'trap' to tourists and further more there are less choices in such places.Digi cam too..has great varities here..The only problem is you can't have an 'after sales service' if you've brought it home, but same as mine, can't speak much of their language either, so I did my own repair.You can mail me if you want more infos.
Just to give you some ideas, but its in japanese.


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thanks for the headsup, Punkychan.

I had a quick look at the Sony Japan website, and it looks like that they sell overseas models, as well as 'World models'. But I cannot understand any of the writing.

Could you possibly give me an example of prices of laptops? I would really appreciate it, and many thanks if you can.

Also, I was looking at TFT screens. Do you have one? Are they cheap out there?

I think I may need more spending money! My wife is not going to be too happy...

If I avoid 'duty free' shops, then where should I go?

So many questions!

but 'domo arigato gozaimasu!' [I hope I spelt it correctly]

Okay, branded laptops (Sony/Fujitsu?NEC etc)
1.7/2.0 Ghz
256 DDR
40 Gb
64 inbuilt video card
15/17 " screen
should be around 1400 to 2600 USD
TFT Screens ?? You mean LCD TV ? If it is, the 14 and 15 Flat Panel TVs should be around 350 to 500 USD depending on brands and sizes.If its PC monitor, Samsung for example you'll get it about that same price.
I mean the 'Duty Free Shop's in those electrical town.But once you are there, if you see something you'd want don't rush..shop around first..because there are hundreds of the same shops selling the same thing but sometimes at a different price.If you are like me the first time there, you'll be dropped crazy !That's why they call it 'Dengki Town'-electrical town.

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