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Buying a new laptop...please help


Nathan Alexande

Hi guys. I am buying (very soon), a new HP laptop that will be running XP Home. Should I immediately download the updates (SP1, etc.)? I have heard of people having trouble with it. ALSO, does XP Home support wireless LANs? Any advice will be greatly appreciated....



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I was curious whether or not the new computers being sold had the SP1 version of XP pre-installed, but I guess that all of them don't yet. Personally, I would upgrade right off, before throwing a bunch of stuff all over the hard disk. While I have definitely seen some posts here regarding SP1 issues, I think that your chances are good for a smooth upgrade considering that the system is new and not full of junk. I've upgraded a three-year-old Win98 system to XP Home, immediately installed SP1, and not had a single problem. So I would say that the odds are in your favor. Besides, you need to do it eventually right? If you don't install SP1, then you can't access the updates that have been created since the Service Pack. So you may as well take care of the upgrade right off and not have to worry about it anymore. :)


it's always a good idea to do all of the updates for the OS when you get it. If it has SP pre-installed on it, then it will not show up on windows update.
Out of curiosity ... what model of HP notebook are you buying?

Nathan Alexande

Looking at an HP Pavillian custom job.....I have worked on ma few recently, and love them!


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