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i'm having problems burning cd's, any kind of cd. i'v tried using quite a few different programs, still none work. it's telling me i have the wrong medium in. but the message box say's i have the right one. i have also just installed XP sp1, and thats when this started. if anyone can help, i'd appreciate it.

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turn off native burner

In xp

And uninstall all your programs and try just one at first

I find nero by far the best imho but thats me


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don't run anything in the background like an Anti Virus or a firewall.
go check your services maybe you diabled something important.


I have a similar problem. If I want to burn I have to use a different computer than I usually use. It always comes up with an error. I have tried Nero, I have tried the WinXP one, either way theres errors. I have concluded there is something wrong with my burner... but i dunno. I forget the error message and am too lazy to go look.


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there are some pieces of hardware that refuse to work with XP, you should check the Windows Catalogue to see if your burner is on their list of compatible software, or if you have a Designed for Windows XP label on the box that the drive came in.

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