Burning a 699MB file


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I have a file that is 699MB. I'm trying to burn it on a 700MB CD using Nero 6 ... but it says that the CD does not have enough space. What could be wrong?


Do you have the overburn option checked?

File>Preferences>Expert Features>Enable overburn


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I've read and done everything they said ... or as close to it. I still don't know why I can't write a 699MB file to a 700MB CD. I also have a BIN/CUE file and when trying to burn using Nero, there isn't enough space ... but burning it using BlindWrite has no problems. I'm about to give up on Nero.


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Whoa! yup, the patch worked. Thanks much! Someday I'll upgrade to the newer version, but for now, the patch works great.


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What is KVCD?

KVCD is a modification to the standard MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 GOP structure and Quantization Matrix. It enables you to create over 120 minutes of near DVD quality video, depending on your material, on a single 80 minute CD-R/CD-RW. We have published these specifications as KVCDx3, our official resolution, which produce 528x480 (NTSC) and 528x576 (PAL) MPEG-1 variable bit rate video, from 64Kbps to 3,000Kbps. Using a resolution of 352x240 (NTSC) or 352x288 (PAL), it's possible to encode video up to ~360 minutes of near VCD quality on a single 80 minute CD-R. The mpeg files created will play back in most modern standalone DVD players. You must burn the KVCD MPEG files as non-standard VCD or non-standard SVCD (depends on your player) with Nero or VCDEasy.

The KVCD Frequently Asked Questions


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I've read the FAQ ... do you think you could explain it step by step ... in English? Say I have a home video encoded in XviD ... how would I convert that to KVCD and have it played on my Sony DVD player?


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You want to have the codecs that will work for this process. I use
3ivx Delta 4

Download and install TMPGEnc
Open TMPGEnc>load the template either NTSC or PAL. "352x240 ULBR or LBR" from the TMPGEnc template directory ( TMPGEnc Templates optimized with KVCD parameters right click on NTSC or PAL. save tartget as: C:\Program Files\Pegasys Inc\TMPGEnc Plus 2.5\template )

Install ACP
Start ACP> open PATH and create a folder you want your final MPEG to go to. I usually pick the desktop.
Also in the PATH directory make sure you have your tmpeg path loaded. such as: C:\Program Files\Pegasys Inc\TMPGEnc Plus 2.5\TMPGEnc.exe
Video Settings> quality to 90
Audio Settings> Your bitrate should not be higher then your bitrate of your Xvid. If its higher then 224 then leave it at 224. If its lower then 224 then set it at 192, if its not lower then 192. If so then set it to 160 and so on..
Open Video>choose your Xvid your wanting to encode.
Thats IT! everything else is set up automatically. Go to
Conversion and START..
It is all explained from the link in my previous post. You'll have to register to get on the forum if you have further questions. I hope this has helped. Not all standalone DVD players will play KVCD. Check the "link" above to see if yours will play KVCD. Most of the newer DVD's will play them and aren't listed above.


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After encoding with acp you could have a 820MB Mpeg and after you load it into NERO it will show up as a lower compressed file "under 700MB" ready to burn. You can burn 850MB file onto a regular 80min 700MB CD-R. Check the links above. you can burn as a regualr VCD but you'll be doing allot of cutting and pasting with virutaldub onto 2 CD's. !

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