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1 Jun 2005
I couldn't figure how to name the title so let me get down to it:
Well one thing I didn't notice till this morning was: It seems my system loses performance over time even under idle. There is nothing on the power settings to reduce it and there is pretty much no reason for that to happen. And at first I thought it was just by certain 2 programs, but it seems it happens reguardless of the programs including games where I can play for about 1-2 hours before noticing lag for no reason.

Lets take it a step further:
I didn't even notice that despite the fact I was logged in as administrator, I was REALLY logged in as administrator. It seems my father didn't even notice when he installed Win XP Pro that it failed to ask about what would the first login name be. It is kind of an issue there because that shouldn't happen that way. I realised this because a game I had an issue with before back on my laptop had a weird but easy fix: Make a new user account. By doing so, that is how I found out. The other issue: Now I can't log back in to the administrator account and if I recall correctly, the only other way is through safe mode unless someone out there knows of a way to fix this.

So I was also thinking of possibly just reinstalling Windows XP pro my way and slowly but surely get the system up and running and making sure all things work correctly. Here is my last issue:
While I would want to re-install XP Pro on my system, the big issue at hand is: I have Vista on a seperate partition. While that isn't a big deal, the thought is that how would I restore the dual boot with Vista? And if it can't be restored as in if I have to reinstall vista on the other partition, would my registration key still work or not?

I think that is it. Hopefully there will be some replies..
Do you have anything that doesn't work on Vista? If not take your PC to vista only.

If not. My current level of knowledge on this suggests you will need to re-install both xp and vista in that order. If there are safe alternatives to this method I would recommend them over the re-install both option.
I am not convinced enough yet to use Vista completely just yet so That is why I'm just keeping the partition to test vista on 100GB of space.
You wont be unless you do. You have both disks, its not going to kill you.

I highly recommend the all-out vista approach unless you have devices that don't work in vista.
Let me quote LeeJend about what he said about Vista:
"Have I mentioned that I appreciate all you guys Alpha testing Vista for me. Another year or two and it should be ready to use. ;)"

In all essence, I shall agree as even when I tested with it, it isn't ready.
Use vista unless you have stuff that wont work with it. To do otherwise is daft.
Well I won't have to anymore because taking out the Sound Blaster X-Fi card solved every possible problem ever.
For the administrator account, you can still log into it at startup by pressing ctrl-alt-del. This is XP Pro right? You can only log into the administrator account in XP Home in safe mode.

You can add the Administrator to the welcome screen with a simple regedit, add a DWORD "Administrator" and give it a value of "1" in the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList
heh funny you should mention that about the X-Fi. I switched to onboard realtek HD audio from my x-fi for vista and the only thing I miss is stereo upmix :p The sound is just as good either way.
Ya LA, I love the realtek HD Audio too. If it wasn't for the fact I knew I took out my SB card, I wouldn't have noticed the difference :)

And thanks J79 for the info :)

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