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Building my P4 System! (Continued)


Cannibal Corpse

Hi All,

Thanks for everyone who helped me with my initial inquiries about P4 in general. I have decided to buy these items:

CPU Pentium4 2.0A 512k Retail Box
RAM 512MB PC2700 333MHz
Motherboard Abit IT7 MAX

Now I need your opinion why should I go with or without these items. For example I need to know if Pentium4 2.0A is OC able and if I should get the 1.6a or 1.8a instead?

Or the thing that I don’t understand is that since P4’s FSB is 400, why the DDR RAMs only run at 333? (should I go with PC3200?)

Your insights, suggestion and help would be greatly appreciated.

p.s. It is my understanding that I can still use my good old ATX Form factor Case (Enlight), but I need to buy a new, more powerful POWERSUPPLY. How many watts should I get?

Thanks in advance


I just built a P4 system for a friend. Asus P4T/E 2.2G P4, 512mb RDRAM, Geforce 4 4600TI, windows XP. It has been in use for three weeks solid now, has not coughed once despite having all sorts of crap and peripherals loaded on it and it FLIES. The secret of stable systems is to use hardware that has been around a while and proven (yes i know the Geforce 4 is brand new and a risk - but its proved ok)

Cannibal Corpse

Do you recommend Abit IT7 Max? What speed of DDR RAM should I use along with it? Thanks.
I run a 2.0A OC'd on a Abit BD7 Raid without a sneeze. I've had it stable at 2.599.92 but turned it down since I have air cooling, and have settled at 2.399.92 while maintaining a safe CPU temp. Personally, when it comes to a power supply, I would settle on no less than 400W quality supply (i.e., Antec, Enermax). Quality DDR is a must also if you plan to OC. Samsung chips are the best for this (Corsair XMS 3000). While the Corsair XMS 2700 is quality, the XMS 3000 is far superior since it houses the Samsung chips. In Softmenu III be conservative with your V-core voltage settings, increasing them as little as possible just to achieve and maintain stablity.


How long do ya reckon it will be before catch23 posts some comment about Intel!!??.. god that kid never stops moaning!


A Proud Australian
I run a P4 2.4B on a MSI 854E Max2 with PC2700.

But I don't think going to PC3200 DDR will be any good as most motherboards won't run it. In fact only a few boards can run the PC2700 at the moment. Stick with the PC2700 you are going to buy, that's just my advice anyway.

As for the power supply, 350W would be my suggestion. I use a Enermax EG365P-VE 350W P/S with twin fans.
Originally posted by desimatrix007
me personally.....
i'd go with rd ram for a p4 of that speed
i mean if u can get all that
y not the rd ram :p
Because it cost more than it tastes? I'd definately to for DDR, you get way more memory for the same price and the difference isn't that big.

If you want a harddisk with that computer I suggest the Western Digital 100 or 120 GB with 8 MB cache while you're at it. Silent and swift.
i have a Pentium 4 but im very low on RAM (128 MB RAM).. would i need to get a PC2700 RAM type? or are there any cheaper ones i can get for a Pentium 4? im short on cash but i need an upgrade


Sincerly Alex :(
hehe there in the cupboard at work. we sell mainly AMD chips in our builds.

just happend to get 100 RD 64's at the right price a few months ago.

But.. my stockists are selling single 64mb RD's at £11 + Vat give or take a few pence each week.

The price is almost 4 times the amount for a single 128 strip..

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