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Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 and Tomato


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Hey all
I saw a couple of threads about it in the search, but I've been wondering about this since most of those threads seemed to be geared to the Linksys routers.
I have a Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 Router. Had it for a long time. My father was telling me that he upgraded the firmware to Tomato cause he was having a few issues on some system with connection drops and slow downs.
I looked into Tomato before and was like "I'll think about it."
So I looked at it again today. The GUI screens look nice and I suppose a nicer monitor to check some things could be better.

I know there is the phrase of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." can apply. I was checking for reviews about it and many places say its worth it. I checked the readme and found that there may be a chance that I might not be able to change the firmware back to the original if I have an encrypted firmware (which I do not know if I do or not). I checked Buffalo's website and found the only firmware I know of for the router.
The other thing that slightly bothers me is trying to find support should I need any for whatever reason.
That and I don't have the money to replace my router if I fail the flashing (which I shouldn't because I usually flash things very well... case of point: My Cell and my DS as well as like 3 other people's DS).
So I wanted to see if there was anyone whose had experience with Tomato and maybe better experience from a Buffalo router user if any are here @ OSNN.

Thanks in advance.


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Tomato is good stuff, and you shouldn't have any problems with it. I found this on the DD-WRT forums about your router with how to get around the encrypted firmware and such (Buffalo).

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