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BT now charging for line ceases

I don't know how many of you are aware that if you have ADSL on your BT phone line and you then change *anything* about the account eg account holder name, phone number or address then the ADSL service is ceased and you will need to re-connect your ADSL service.

I became aware of this when I was providing ADSL to students in Scarborough, there was a couple of occasions when one student would leave and so would change the BT contract to another member of the house in which they were living. This would incur a re-connection charge for us to get BT to re-enable ADSL on the line again. This can also catch you out if you move house as a cease will be done on the line at your old house and you'll then have to re-connect your new house.

Well BT have now added another charge to this process, there is now a £39.66 (inc. VAT) charge for the cease. Add to this £50 charge to enable ADSL service on a phone line.

Admittedly a number of ISPs now do free setup, but they are still having to pay that £50 setup charge and its likely that they may be forced to pass the new cease charge on to customers.

I should note that this was announced in November of last year but it goes into effect from the 1st of May

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what about just all out cancelling the bt line once adsl service stops cos I switched to virgin media?
You mean the same Virgin Media who don't know their arse from their elbow? We rang to ask about a service upgrade as advertised on leaflets through the door and their own website, the guy on the other end of the phone said "whats a service upgrade? I've no idea what your on about" and put the phone down. They can stick it where the sun don't shine.
you asked the wrong question. Should have asked to change to the VIP package :)

Virginmedia is very good as long as you don't get through to the indian call centre. I've dealt with far better india based call centres.

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