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BT move to upgrade Broadband to 2Mbit (on higher packages)


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I've been a bit sleepy on this as I haven't really expored their site recently, but BT have announced that they are going to upgrade all their packages to up to 2MB - this is taken from their website below:

BT is increasing the speed of all our packages, for both new and existing customers, at no extra charge.

For existing customers like you...

From 17 February 2005, we'll begin automatically upgrading existing BT Broadband and BT Yahoo! Broadband customers to the fastest speed available on their line - up to 2Mb.

From 24 March 2005, we'll begin automatically upgrading existing BT Broadband Basic customers to the fastest speed available - up to 1Mb.
You don't need to do anything. We'll let you know by letter and/ or email when your speed is due to be upgraded.

For more information, please read our FAQs.

Their FAQ is at the following link


useful if you are interested in knowing the physical details of the upgrade.


Not really interested in B.T. broadband, just wish they would tell us after they have fully upgraded all B.T. telephone exchanges.


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Gotta love Bulldog for their 4mb service + phone line for £30 a month. on top of that, get £15 for every friend you recommend and £10 on first payment by direct debit.


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Apparently, BT have only just started to upgrade 1mbit users to 2mbit, and at the soonest, 512kbit users get the jump to 1mbit on thursday. Heard it over at adslguide.org.uk though, their messageboards are full of activity at the moment :)


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I'm glad Telewest did this last year. Quite a noticable difference on download speeds. I thought I was special, until other ISP's started doing it too. :(
I received a letter from BT (currently 1Mb connection with no capping) telling me that if I did nothing this would be increased to 2Mb for £4 less than I currently pay. However on reading the small print this is a “capped” service at 15gig per month. Like most users I have no idea how much I download every month does anyone know of a programme that measures this. BT themselves will provide one but not until after the automatic upgrade has taken place.

:) :) :suprised:

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