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I am curently trying to squeeze every last drop of performance out of my AMD athlon xp M 2500+ before I go 64 bit after christmas. I have seen that these chips are good to overclock and have been trying to reach 2.4 (12 x 200), but I get an BSOD after loading windows. The error code is as follows:

0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0xBF837815, 0xA8CBBA68, 0x00000000)

Am i just pushing my cpu too far? I thought that it could handle this since I have a thermaltake 13 volcano and a cool case. Well, any help would be greatly appreciated and if there is any other information I need to post about my system please let me know.

AMD athlon xp-m 2500 @2.2
Albatron kx18II pro nforce 2
ATI radeon x800xl AGP
sound blaster audigy 2 zs platinum
I used to have that chip before I moved to a 3800+ X2. Its a GREAT chip for overclocking. I was using a Volcano 9+ I think. I had mine stable @ 2.3 ghz... I forget the multiplier settings unfortunately. I could get it to 2.4 but not stable. Once you start seeing BSODs and reboots , you have taken it too far. Remember to always OC a little bit at a time. It might be tedious, but it pays off by securing the life of the hardware.
What kind of memory are you using?
You are pushing the CPU too far. Windows loading is a lot more resource intensive than the Bios POST screen. That's when a CPU that has been pushed a little too far will die.

Consider an alternative approach. Relax the RAM timings a little then see how far you can push the FSB while keeping the RAM synchronous. This buys a little more performance than just multiplier overclocking.

Warning: Do not do this if the PCI and AGP timing is locked to the FSB. Card damage can occur.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks for the advice guys. I have decided to get a AMD 3800+ so I won't have to push my way outdated processor to its death. Hopefully that should end my battlefield 2 jitters.


You did not mention BF2 was the problem. I was going nuts for 2 months. Even bought a new vid card. Turned out it was my software firewall making the game really jerky. I turn it off now to play.

Though the 3800 will be a nice upgrade. I did mine in October.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Yeah, BF2 is my love and hate. I have been playing consistently since BF 1942 came out and when bf2 came out I never looked back. I was able to play it fine at mediums settings all the way across and 2x AA. Since the stupid patch, and release of SF (which I bought also) It has run terrible. I have my windows firewall off, and I think that is the only firewall I have. I am running avast! antivirus and I am not sure if it contains a firewall also. I guess I will do some more snooping around.

Oh yeah and thanks for all the help. You folks on this forum board are very nice and knowledgable. I will surely be using this forums again if I have any problems.


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