Broken graphiccard?



I´m having a bit of a problem, and I would really need som help here...

My specs:
Pentium II 350MHz
10GB + 45GB Harddrive
1 Voodoo3 2000 PCI
1 ATI Rage 3D AGP (built in om the motherboard)
OS: Windows XP Professional

Here´s the thing...
I have dual screens.
In BIOS the ATI-card is the primary graphic card (if I set the Voodoo-card to be primary, I cannot enable the ATI-card in windows).
In Windows the Voodoo-card is the primary and the desktop is shown on both screens.
This has worked for a bit over a year now.

Last week the Voodoo-card started to act vierd. It could word great, and suddenly the screen looked like this a big freaky giant hade played basketball with it. The ATI-card-screen looked perfect.
IRQ-conflict between the two cards a friend said, so I set the Voodoo-card to be primary in BIOS and disabled the ATI-card in windows.
This worked perfect for about a week.
Then small scary lines appeard om the screen:
(bad quallity picture, but I think you get the idea)
The the computer reebots, without any errormess or any warning!
When windows started again I got this message:

So, I REALLY need som help!
It´s a shitty computer and it should be replaced, I know, but I´m
not giving up that easy.
So, what do you think?
Broken graphic card? Conflict? Corrupt driver?

Expert helt wanted!
you can try to get newer drivers from those lines and symptons you described are generally attributed to the card overheating...or dying in general, which is a good possibility,

it's not an irq conflict of it wouldn't of worked for a week in the first place, and the fact that windows suddenly shut down and detected device failure tends to make me think the card is on it's way to that great junk heap in the sky...

but thats just my guess, don't take my word for it.