Broken 120mm Fan


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Alright, all of a sudden, and I mean nothing at all has changed, my 120mm fan in the back of my case stoped working.

It runs at 10% of what it should and my computer gives me an error and I can't get into windows. I took it all apart (part of my cooling system) and cleaned it and all that but no difference.

Can a fan just stop working? I didn't think so......



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yes.. anything mechanical is subject to random and sudden failure.

especially those with moving parts subject to multiple variations of temperature and virbrations.


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yes, as fitz said, they can

check if there's nothing loose on it... one of mine's had this part glued to the rest and it separated (prolly cheap ass glue :p)

also, what is the error you're gettin?


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Well its not really an error, it just says one of your fans has stoped working or is working at on low, something like that....and gives me some beeps and yea.

I checked it out and it dosen't seem to have anything loose.

Now I'm screwed.


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why not just out and grab a case fan from a local retailer.. places like radio shack and other places even carry them and usually for <$10US


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Yea I know, but i hate doing things lol

This system has given me so many random stupid problems, im getting sick of it.


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It's probably the bearings.

Just think... if one ball breaks, can you function at full capacity? No right? Same principle with the fan's bearings.

Either that or there is an issue with

a) the header
b) the cable and delivery power to the fan.


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Well with the cooling system its still staying steady at 45 so I guess the only real task the fan was doing was keeping it less dusty.


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actually, my opinion is that a fan in a case tends to make things more dusty as it will suck in more dust overall in the whole case (Regardless of which direction the fan is blowing). Unless all your air inlets are filtered, it will suck in more air/dust through the air intakes causing a greater amount of dust to accumulate overall in the case.

Again, it's just my opinion and I have no proof to back it up.. and I certainly DON'T recommend NOT running a fan (or multiple fans) in your case.


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Yea I'm still going to go get a new one, but your point does make sense.


Is Thermaltake still the best for fans and all that?
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