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Hey all,
I was hoping you could help me and set my mind at rest.
I did a Panda online activescan (here) a few days ago, and in the results it said i had two dialers. My McAfee virus scan did not pick it up and now i'm a little worried. How can I get rid of dialers?

Something else... I'm on broadband, and tonight i noticed that when i put the USB into the modem and the computer, something appears in the menu on the bottom bar on the screen, i clicked on it today and it is the "Local Area Connection" ... am I meant to get this if i'm on broadband?

Sorry If i seem stupid, prehaps i'm just being paranoid. I hope you can help thpugh.


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shouldn't need to worry coz you cant make phone calls on the broadband side of the phone line. those dialers require that you use an analogue modem (which connects to the net via a telephone number).


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If you think you have any type of virus, the best method is to be thorough. Don't worry about paranoia, it's best to be that way. And, as a result, scanning is a good way to clear up said paranoia :)

I'd recommend going to Windows Update First, then running a Virus Scan with your app of choice (Panda it appears). After that, run MS Anti-Spyware, Spybot Search and Destroy, and Webroot SpySweeper. All these combined, you should be good to go.

If you need more help, post back
Dialers are nothing to be worried about unless your on dial up, easy to get off dodgy warez sites etc if your usin I.E dont worry about them just let your AV deal with them

No need to go ott and go out on some massize scan opartion usin everything and anything like K-Chief said imo no need for it lol :p

*Edid in your case your Av anit so guess you could try ummmmmmm a²

Soz about spelin ot if its hard to undertsand :p


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No offense, but I think that's just not good advice. Any virus, no matter the severity level, should be dealt with. It's apparent his current AV setup isn't working up to snuff, so that is why I suggested being more thorough. Anything left unattended could only cause more problems in the future. Better safe than sorry, that's what I say.
Yes better to be safe than sorry but what if she Hot and Up for it?

Take the chance and use nothing or say no?

Yes that why i said use a² to get rid of them thats all i would do anyway, no need to go mad over dialers imo :p


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Some dilaers also include spyware that also tracks what sites you have been visiting and transmits that over ANY internet connection. What we do know is there are programs in the PC that aren't needed and considered a threat, NOt to remove them would be unwise. How hard would it be to make you dialer and tracker a keylogger also? How many average users would notice?

I am taking kcnychiefs side here, it needs to be cleaned out.
1) I didnt say just leave it and not do anything about it
2) a² will do what is needed to get rid of it in one simple Scan
3) Choc Cheese Cake Rules!!!

oh and should be looking at why McAfee didnt pick them up either tha dont seem right either
Keep in mind that some of these bugs now a days are pretty good at hiding from some of the 'cleaners' or 'detectors'. I've cleaned two seperate systems in the past two weeks that were like this. Both times their AntiVirus (Norton & some ISP version of Mcafee) failed to detect some nasties. I had to install Kaspersky on their machines to totally get rid of the stuff.
Oh yeah, if you're able to a scan without using one of these online scanners, make sure you do it in safe mode. (press F8 key during boot)

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