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Broadband Activation PLan



Ok. I have an AREA code of 01455 in Desford, Leicestershire, East Midlands, England.

For Telephone Number 01455****** on Exchange DESFORD

Sorry - broadband ADSL is not yet available in your area, but we are currently assessing demand.

We need 300 people to register their interest in buying broadband ADSL at this exchange. If 300 people register then we will begin the process to upgrade the exchange.

Our initial test indicates that it should be possible to provide broadband ADSL on this telephone line.
Broadband can be enabled and our college and libery has a T1 connection so general interest should be quiet high. But it's not.

About 179 people out of 300 have registered interest.

How can I get that figure to 300? Any suggestions are welcome.

I might go around posting leeflet, what you recomend I put on them. Should I post information in the Parish Council? For old folk to tell there sons?

Any information to get broadband interest in this area is welcomed.


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Ask your council to promote the idea of pre-registration, put up some posters with information, give people flyers/leaflets and/or post them through peoples doors.

It worked for us here. We received the final push of people we needed to reach the trigger level after a small leaflet campaign took place. Still need to wait 3 months or so after the level is reached though.


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Well, start a site like "www.online(nameoftown).co.uk and put it on leaflets and make posters, for my excahnge I personnally went through the fone book and entering numbers, making up the first names :p it worked :D I got BB now :)


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