Bored with laptop and want to do something to it

hey there people.

i got this laptop a little while ago and well im kinda bored, on vacation at home and i want to do something with it. tweak it mod it or something. now i do like the finish on it so painting the case is out. but does anyone have any ideas??? i also upgraded it a bit with the mem but i cant do the hdd. it wont see anything larger than an sata 80

heres the laptop

anyone got any ideas?


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seal all the vents and put the cpu on 100% load for 3hrs... :p
done that to my sony vaio and it still run strong. :D

EDIT: don't put it on your lap though... you'll get burnt.
LOL if they didnt make it anymore that would be a good idea for the bestbuy warranty LOL. i have found a nice site to tweak out the wifi card a little so i be playing with that


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run ie, with nothing, and see how proficient you have become with removing spyware and viruses.

When you have it clean...beat your record.

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