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Bored at work......


The Iconoclast
I was just wondering how many more of you out there are sitting in front of their computer, having thier soul sucked out by faintly flickering lights, while others prosper from torturing you in the most evil of mental prisons?


The Iconoclast
well.....that was a happy thought wasn't it? :p

Actually what I really was interested in finding out, was what kinds of things you guys do for a living if anything. And whether or not you enjoy your job?


The Iconoclast
I'm an aircraft mechanic for the Air Force, trying to go to school for my mechanical engineering degree. Need to get out of the AF though and go to school full time. Btw heny, I'm workin the night shift too, send me some food from your supermarket I could use a snack. :D


The Iconoclast
Yea so do I normally, at least for the last 4 years. Just recently got put inside in another position, kinda sucks, gets really boring, and I'm restless as hell. Anyway almost time to go home.....:cool:
24x7 tech support call centre, schedule changes every 2 weeks, and I have a bad series of shifts coming up. Afternoons for 4 weeks, then graveyard/night shift for 2 weeks, then back to another 2 weeks of afternoons before getting an 11am start shift. Oh, and after 2 weeks of 11am, another 2 weeks of graveyard/night shift. After that's all done though, I think I have 2-3 months of day shifts starting between 8-10am. I just wish they would break it up more. The job's alright, but it's not a career choice. Gotta get out of the call centre and into a proper IT department somewhere...
Anyone hiring in the GTA???


Moozically Con~foozed
IT Manager for a finance company in london. and as for my soul being sucked out ... it was removed and trodden on long ago. :(


Quazatron R6 droid
I'm a Technical Support Engineer - its a good job as its active, and means I don't get to look at flourescent lights all the time :)


Zarband said:
right on, what are you studying? I suppose we're all students in our own way huh?
doing Masters in Embedded Systems at IIIT, Bangalore, India.
I did get a job after my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, but my parents 'persuaded' me to study further.


The Iconoclast
Wow, right on lots of smart people and stuff, haha. Sounds like you all have a bunch of good jobs. Thankfully i usually get to work outside like I said....but I'll be inside for a few months, good thing too, getting our first snow of the year right now!

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