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Whats up guys? I downloaded and opened Bootvis, then went to file, new, next boot trace, and when the computer restarts, it comes up with this error message, "Number of physical drives in the trace file is 0, trace file has invalid system configuration information". Does anyone have any idea of what to do in this situation? Thanks in advance for any replies.



Originally posted by allan
See if this thread helps (read the entire thread):

The thread doesn't help me to solve my problem, thanx though. I have the prefetching set to 3, i have those 3 services turned on, and I still get the error that says "Number of physical drives in the trace file is 0, trace file has invalid system configuration information". Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.



Any fat32 to ntfs convertion?

Hi, I have the same problem, but when I used it in the past it works fine, then I put the system to NTFS, but without changes I decided to put back to FAT32 but It seems that remains a lot of parts in the registry that my system is NT, not fat32, and I think bootvis maybe reading one of them and can't know if it is fat32 or ntfs. Another thing maybe is that I used it like a second hard drive and then make a ghost, but well going from one hard disk to another, it's different hardware and xp detects my new disk, here's come the problem, because xp knows the change of hard disk but Bootvis don't, for that I think it maybe saying that can't find the hard drive. Anyway I'm going to format because another problem I post, so it will works fine again.

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