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Bootvis problems ??




Having trouble using bootvis. As soon as I start optimizing and the computer reboots. The "Optimizing" screen shows and it just stays there for a long while. No CPU activity, just that message. I then have to close Bootvis using End Task.
Anyone experienced any trouble like that ?
I haven't had any other trouble with XP.

Specs : P IV 1.4 256 RDRAM 40GB HDD Western Digital, Geforce2 MX400 64MB
make sure you have your com+ and scheduler services on and not set to disabled, also you might just wanna do it late at night and let the computer run...I used bootvis a few times and it was pretty quick, but on my friends computer it took a long time before it started optimizing (seriously like a few hours finally HD light started blinking and then 10 mins later it was done) so who knows, ya might get lucky, only advice I can say =oP


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after the reboot it took my system about 20-25mins granted mine is only 550 mhz with 256ram ..but give it some time well worth the results. mine no boots in about 28sec down from 89sec.


There must be other services that need to be enabled. I have the exact problem as stated above, Bootvis optimizing won't complete (and I left my computer on all night). The optimzing screen just greys out and stays on the desktop until I finally close it manually.

I have the com + (two of them) on manual. I have the task scheduler also on manual.

So what other services need to be enabled for Bootvis to complete?


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what if you guys do a screen shot of the tweaks you did to the services and put them back to the default and run it again once it is done optimizing set it back..just a thought:)


Have you disabled your AV software?
Especially if it is Norton.
And if you are using Norton Speedisk you could try disabling it in services and see if that helps, as there is a known issue with Speedisk and XP.
What exactly, I can't remember.(old age has memory leaks just like Win ME) there is a thread here somewhere...

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