Bootvis is it faster?!?!



I have prob. and several of my friends.

We all agree that after installing Bootvis boot is slower!!!
Why, whats wrong?!

My startup is slower than before.
welllll, your post isn't real clear, so I'll ask the obvious question; did you run a trace, and then did you optimize?
thats odd. I have yet to see a computer where bootvis was detrimental to bootup? I know some people where it didn't help at all...but never slowed it
Bootvis didn't help my comp bootup either.....but it didn't slow it down.....
I guess that optimization doesn't make a difference for my comp...
Same deal - no quicker!

But if you don't try it........
has any one notice a slow down...i used it got it down to about 32 sec and now did a trace up there at almost a min...what gives.
I did.

Look, I did like it is in guide. Step by step.

It was about 30 sec. before, about 37 sec. after.


Is there another way ?!

How long does it usually take for a trace. I downloaded the program and ran it. Hit the optimize button and trace ran for about a half hour. I stopped it and ran it again thinking that something was wrong. Same thing.
Tracing is different on every computer!

Sometimes, it takes 5 minutes, sometimes it can take countless hours...

Usually BootVis comes out with good results...
Bootvis says my comp boots in 30 secs but the actual truth is more like 40 secs....the line that says boot done is not very accurate...

I only was able to see how fast my system booted, I tried the optimization and it keeps getting a timeout error waiting for a service to begin. I can only assume it has somthing to do with network drives. I really didn't car i'm under 30 secs which is better than my other ssystem so I deleted it. But has anyone else come across this same error?
Timeing out

If it's timing out it's because you have disabled the task scheduler and or the task scheduler service.
You may also want to disable clear paging file on shutdown to make it shut down faster...(sry if this doesn't relate)

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