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On my other computer, its a Compaq running Windows 2000. Everytime I boot it up, all I hear is the fan running and the windows never boots up. I cut everything off, surge protector, then unplugged all the wires in the back-put them back in, then put the surge protector into another outlet. Still nothing, it doesnt boot up.

Any suggestions?
if you can get into your BIOS, check to make sure everything is OK, the insert the 2000/XP CD to boot from. when you get there go into the recovery console and use "fixmbr" (fixes master boot record) that is all if you can access your BIOS and have the operating system installed. if not i would suggest ressetting the BIOS.


There are no error codes(beeps) or I could fix it. It doesn't have no output on the screen or doesn't turn over. The fans are running so the power supply is good. What else could it be besides a faulty motherboard?


hmm i think its just because its a Compaq (comcrap) just use the baseball bat i think that should fix it


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yeah, if an component went out (video card, memory, etc) on a compaq board, it probably wouldn't be programmed to give you any error codes... just lie there in a coma. so, it could be darn near anything... including power supply (5volt could be out?).
oh didn't hear it was a compaq, i am sorry. I would contact their support if it is covered under warrenty. if not, then reset the BIOS any way possible. maybe removing the battery. other then that, you should get a POST beep.

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