bootable xpsp1 with ezcd!!!!!!

Shamus MacNoob

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Anyone know what

cannot boot from cd ( code 4 ) means?

I got this from my bootable xpsp1 cd made with ezcd

but I got the nero one working like a charm not a problem its the

code 4 ezcd one that has me puzzled ?

Shamus MacNoob

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No ONE!!

No one knows I dont wanna make more coasters got enough now I dont need the ezcd bootable was more just for my personal tryouts

I got nero's working like a charm I used it to install this copy of xpprosp1 and its great

just want to know what code 4 is ??

come on someone with ezcd creator has made a coaster that wont boot LOLOL

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
I had no problem using easy cd & following the guide from the website. All I can suggest is to double check your easy cd settings before burning.

Shamus MacNoob

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hey dude

Yeah I figure that must be it might have been thaaaat stupid ezcd creator seemed to hang towards the end of my burn and maybe thats why was just trying to see if anyone ever seen that code 4 message

I am bored lol gonna redo a ezcd slip job just for the heck of it

I got nero set and pops out slipped streamed bootables n/p

:D :D


I had a code 4 with my first cd I made using Easy CD Creator. My burner is 8x and my cd was good up to 8x. When I was watching the burn speed I saw it was going between 7x and 9x. My assumption is it burned it too fast for the cd. I could be wrong and the cd might just have been bad. I used a 1x to 16x cd the next time and now it is a bootable cd. I now have a working XP Home and Corp version.

Shamus MacNoob

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good point

good point will try that and lower the speed seemed fine at 12x on nero not a problem will try a lower burn speed thanks

like I said though ezcd seemed to hang near the end of the burn process leads me to believe that caused some error on the burn


Shamus MacNoob

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hey at least you get them done eh

I can hit 16x but most times I tune it down to 12x some games I gotta go lower I find its better slower anyways

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