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I looked in old threads and even thought I created one with this title but found nothing...can some point me in the direction of a bootable cd rom so I can upgrade the bios to my mobo...saw that a few people have used them in old posts and hope someone can help...

found some like with Bart's guide...or whatever but couldn't get his stuff to work!

please help!

and btw thanks benny and elemental


Do you have a flash utility in your bios setup? I do, haven't flashed this mobo yet as it's 3 days old, if you're flashing for a reason, maybe if you're motherboard seems to work o.k. then don't bother doing it.


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no I really need to do it...there is a memory problem fixed with this...there anyway to boot up from a usb pen drive?


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Some bios support boot from USB pen drives some don't. (Mine doesn't :( )

You can add the flash program and replacement bios to the boot CD you made (that'll mean burning a new cd).

Or just burn another cd with the flash program and bios file on it and swap once you have booted.

Or put the flash program and bios file in the root directory of your C drive so you can actually find it when using the boot cd.

Or a lot more complicated:
Make a directory called C:\bios and put the flash program and bios file into it.
after boot and at the DOS prompt type C: "enter" to go to the C: drive if you aren't there already. Then CD \bios "enter". Then type the name of the flash utility and "enter".

PS Did you read the notice on the web site where you got the bios update that said it can be dangerous trying to flash a bios if you don't know how?


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well I have updated my bios before with a floppy drive I took out of a computer...I know how but with no floppy drive I'm screwed


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ok well I tried something horribly stupid but it worked...

I knew I was taking a chance on really messing up my mobo but I went to abit and downloaded their windows flash utility even though I have an albatron mobo and it worked...don't ask me how don't ask me why but it did...

so thanks to everyone that helped I really appreciate it

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