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boot up problems

I have just installed new mobo(gigabyte GA-K8NSC-939) and athlon 64 3200+, i have formatted and reinstalled windows , also set boot sequence to HDD. the problem is that it takes about 3 minutes to boot,it hangs at the "verifying DMI" then doesn't read the HDD goes to check the CDROM and then gives warning"system boot failure ,insert boot disk and press enter". If i leave the windows installation disk in the drive it says"press any key to boot from CD" i don't push any keys and it boots from the HDD.So unless the windows disk is in i cannot boot up. Any ideas on how to get this sorted.
OK got it sussed. Last pc configuration was.

IDE 0 connected to Master HDD and onto Secondary DVD

IDE 1 connected to Master DVD and onto secondary HDD.

I have now configured it

IDE 0 both HDD

IDE 1 Both DVD

Problem solved and now boots up in 20 secs.

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