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boot times


F@H - Is it in you?
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what is your boot time from the moment you hit the power-button till the usable desktop appears...

by usable of course I mean where you can click and where there is no hourglass or whatever you have on your screen denoting cpu is busy...

Not counting the 4 - 5 seconds it takes to enter logon name/password, 14 seconds, don't know if that's good or bad. I've disabled a load of services I will never need (Help and support, UPS, etc.) and all but one startup file (systray).


F@H - Is it in you?
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I have automatic login so I just time it from when I push the button to when the screen loads...

I am getting a total of around 15 seconds... :)

maybe some more RAM and alittle oc'ing will fix that lol...

I have yet to tweak out my xp to your extent and I do have norton systemworks load up... but that only takes like a second



IT takes about 15 secs to get to the login screen, then it Takes about a 30 secs to load up all the shiznit...but that's cos i have so much stuff to load up...3 norton products, Modem stuff, Keyboard and mouse shortcuts...


21 sec untill everthing is loaded....

And i've got several questions....

"Why do a have to click on START when i want to STOP...????"

"Why does a PC need LOAD time when a car starts direct when you turn the key?"

"Why does windows always ask to press the OK button when hes got an error..thats NOT OK!"

"Why after a driver installation doe I have to press the reboot-button? I cant choose another option":confused:

"When Windows can''t find a mouse i've to click on OK to continue...THERE's NO MOUSE....:mad:"

so...thats my opinion!

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