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Boot problem


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This has been mentioned before in the Bootvis thread, but no one seems to want to look at that thread. :p

anyway, the problem i'm having is that windows seems to be stuck on the boot screen for ages before the desktop is fully loaded. Like just now, it was just showing the blue bar sweeping left to right for around 3 full minutes before loading the desktop. i've never experienced such long delay before.
i've only installed office, nod32 and spybot S&D (which i normally do).

not sure where to start looking for the problem. have a feeling that it could be something to do with WGA notification or one of the the backup drives/partitions that i accidentally set to active.

any ideas?
What have you changed just before this began happening?

Have you updated some drivers recently?

Have you experienced a hard crash lately? If so, what was going on, and is there any indication of the problem recorded in Event Log?


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Well, fresh install twice.... using same drivers as I've always used in the past for sound, graphics, printer... never had this prob before.


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I know I beat this solution to death, but look in the Event Viewer. It's a goldmine for resourceful information.

Start, Run, eventvwr.msc


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Surprisingly.... event viewer shows error in the pagefile. weird!
I've changed it to fixed size this morning, won't know if it resolves the problem til I try rebooting which I'll do when I get home from work.

thanks all.


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OK, I'm still having problems with my machine... getting the following error message in event viewer:

An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation.
I don't have any paging/swap file on D: drive if that's what it means - only on C: drive as normal.

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Hey Ming, I would say your Harddrive is on its way out. Run the manufactures drive utilities and see if there are any errors.

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