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boot disc for ps2


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someone can say me where can I download a boot disc for ps2, or the only way is buy it.
sorry for the ortography but I try, I'm study inglish actually


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since most of those are commercial products.. I would say go buy it.

Beyond that.. the legality of said boot disks and hacks/mod chips for PS2's is a grey area.. not sure how this thread would play into the forum guidlines

Hacking, cracking or other activities which involve unlawful alteration of software or access to data is forbidden. This site does not promote or want to condone the use of bypassing security of any kind. Including breaking into networks, even if you own them.

Warez is an internet term used to describe software, film, music and data piracy. Any information relating to piracy activities is strictly forbidden from this site.
This rule is not limited to warez, but also includes "keygens" and "cracks", including how to obtain or install them. This can include information on how to bypass, circumvent any software or operating system’s security protocols. "
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yeah. typically you hear of "boot discs" for a console as a means of booting said console in order to play a bootleg game, since in most console's cases, the boot data isn't able to be copied.... or at least not easily.


Woah.. I'm still here?
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There is the "fair use" area that you are using the boot loaders to load backup copies of purchased games.

But, given the fairly broad interpretation of the DCMA here in the US, the legality of fair use is under attack.

Don't want to turn this into a copyright/political thread.. better to just say, let's not discuss this here and lock the thread.
Well, there is a good side to bootdiscs which would be homebrew games that you could modify... These are perfectly legal, the only problem with downloading, is that your ps2 most likely won't read any disc except for genuine ps2 games or dvds.

To download a boot disc you would need to buy a blank ps2 cd which would cost around the same as a bootdisc kit that includes the little components that you put on your ps2 allowing you to switch discs during a game or bootdisc menu.

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