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Boot Beep Code

My system has begun to beep everytime I boot. It's just one beep, and I know that it's supposed to mean everything's okay. But it didn't start beeping until yesterday, and now it's really annoying. How can I turn it off? Thanks.
Originally posted by Bronx Bomber
omg...i cant believe you bought an alienware.

why dont you ask them?
Why can't you believe I bought an Alienware? I'm gonna ask them, but in the meantime, does anyone know how to fix it?
I told you how to fix it. Unless there's an option to change it in CMOS, that's the only way. "Beep on successful post" might be in there, I think I've seen it in some CMOSs, really not sure.
Aren't the CMOS and BIOS setups the same thing? If they are, there's no option to do anything like that in my BIOS setup. I probably won't disconnect my speaker because I still want to hear important beep codes. I think disconnection may be my only option though. I'm still open to other ideas. Thanks.
To the common user, BIOS and CMOS are the same thing. But they actually aren't. BIOS is a set of programs on your motherboard responsible for starting/operating your computer. If I recall correctly, the programs are POST, CMOS, and the bootstrap loader. It's been a while though. CMOS is the part that contains changable settings.

So yeah, unplugging the speaker is the only thing. Seriously though, how annoying can a single beep be when you turn on your computer? The beep should signify "Ahh yes, my computer still works." to you. Does to me anyway. And I just leave my computer on all the time too, so it's not like I ever hear it...

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