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bonds indicted for...well, you know


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He's screwed, at least it looks like it.

I wonder though - how exactly do you prove someone lied back then? What if he was telling the truth then, and then something he learned since then made him know otherwise? Would he have then been required to come forward?


Carbon based lifeform
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I am sorry officer, I didn't know this was marijuana when I started smoking it, But I am turning in this half used joint, because I am a good citizen.

Nah! Howzit working for you? I have taken every controlled subtance and inserted it into the previous statement, and none of them work for me.


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He's an idiot for making that claim. It's your responsibility to know. I'm tired of people trying to pin the responsibility on others.

Knowing is half the battle.


Stranger Than Fiction
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I wish this could have happened before he broke the record. Still, feels good to me. That Owned video is hilarious! Reps.


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People just want to know the truth. Bonds need to grow up and be a man. He brought this on himself.

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