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blue screens keep coming...

i keep on geting the blue screens of death and i can't get rid of them... It's hard telling where they are coming from. Im thinking its either my 1) video card, 2) hard drives, 3) RAM, or 4) b/c of apache

1) it could be my video card cuz everytime i sign on xp it does this flicker thing about 3 times and it annoys me and i have the 4.8 official catalyst and it doesn't even solve anything
2) could be my maxtor hard drive b/c ocassionaly it says it can't load and it says check your hard drive for corrupt files
3) could be my RAM cuz its old and i've done a lot of swapping. A few months ago i tried puting a Mushkin 512mb (pc2700) stick in but it wouldn't load and it kept doing funky stuff and Im thinking about buying another stick this time pc2100 but i still hesitate cuz i hate losing money to restocking fees
4) it could be because of stupid apache. I tried uninstalled it a few months ago and i get a blue screen ocasionally that says nvenet.sys is corrupt or something and i researched that file and it had to do with Apache.

uh i don't know if that helps you guys in solving my problem but any feed back would be good right now


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ummm...try a different vid car or some other ram like borrow some for a bit or somethin. If its not those problems try reinstalling windows if u havent yet.
If you suspect it's one of those four factors, use a trial-and-error approach. If it's Apache or the RAM, it should be easy enough to find out. Uninstall Apache completely, removing all files and references. See if it happens after that. Try removing all of your RAM sticks, and boot with a single stick at a time. If one of them is faulty, you'll catch it immediately.
The video card and drive issues would be more difficult to troubleshoot unless you have spares lying around.
Worst case - format and reinstall XP. That should eliminate all software factors, so you can then look into the hardware more closely.
im pretty sure it has to do with apache....but its weird cuz i have installed and uninstalled apache but it seems theres still reminants of it left? i don't know how it happened but i've tried removing unnecessary files. reinstalling windows would probably fix the problem like always but its a hassle backing everything up...times like these make me wish i had a mac. well sorta


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I don't see how apache (or uninstalling apache) would cause a BSOD but who knows. Oh and a quick google search found this as 1st result.
nvenet.sys (nVidia network driver).
So it looks like your video drivers are borked is all. Uninstall them in safe mode and reinstall. If that doesn't fix it maybe try some of the methods others have suggested. A format should be your very last resort.


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prodj88 said:
wouldn't an nvidia network driver have to do with my motherboard cuz i have an nforce2? i have an ATI gfx card
Yeah probably. :p Try reinstalling your mobo drivers and see if that fixes it.

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