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Blue Screen


OSNN Addict
what causes the blue screen that comes up and says something bout physical dump error and all that? is that a HD problem and a good sign that HD is going back or what?


Computer Genius
all blue screens dump the memory to your hard drive...

if you can, take a picture of it...

it may or may not be your hard drive (it probably isn't)


OSNN Addict
ill get a pic next time i get it, but im afraid to put my backed up stuff back on because of another possible crash


hardware monkey
i don't see why it'd have to do with your harddrive at all. the first likely suspects would be your physical memory or motherboard.


hardware monkey
Originally posted by JJH35
would upgrading my RAM be helpful then?
would be silly to think that spending money is the best way to fix it. it's probably just something that needs to be tweaked. tell us what hardware you have and we'll see what we can do.
This is probably not the hdd and adding more RAM won't help. This is an error, not "you need more RAM".

This could be due to:
- Broken driver(s)
- Broken other software
- Broken memory
- Broken graphics
- Broken pretty much whatever

It all depends on what the error acctually is, and if it says anything about what caused it (a dll file or whatever).


Quazatron R6 droid
I don't know, it can be due to things breaking, but it could also be a memory dump error or even a virus. My old 4.2GB HD acting as the C: drive and as the windows OS started bluescreening frequently a month or so back - it could have been dying a death (after all I did use that HD for 3 or so years before it was temporarily taken out and then put back in for extra space) but it could also been caused by over tweaking the settings or even a virus, as when I got a new hard drive this december my 24GB D: drive (my 2nd oldest in my computer) was infected by blaster and nachi and another worm (very unpleasant).

The steps I would take depends on what is happening, as suggested by other people above as well.

1. If this error has happened just the once, then I wouldn't worry about it (OSes do crash, even XP although its rare) but I would keep your eye open for further bluescreens.

2. If the same error bugs you frequently, run an anti-virus check to detect any virii that might have invaded Gengis Kahn like your PC - a virus attack although not as brutal and fatally sudden as marauding barbarian hordes can still feel very sharp and very pointed :)

3. If it still crashes, it could be the hardware, and you will need to look at the things Zedric suggests, like the memory, drivers etc.

Hopefully this should bring up what the problem is, but if you still need help post it here and I and I am sure others will try and help :D

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