Blue Screen Of Death.... Help Please



My computer has been crashing and I changed the settings so I could see the BSOD. I received the following Technical Information from the screen (hope this helps):
*** STOP: 0X000000BE (0XF823254E, 0X056D2121, 0X80541CA4, 0X0000000A)
*** ltmdmnt.sys - Address F8210537 base at F81D2000, DateStamp 3c5058a3

I've done the error reporting thing and all it does is send me to the microsoft site and tells me to download SP1, which I have already, and actually this problem started after I downloaded SP1. Should I uninstall SP1? If so, will that mess anything up? Or is there a fix to this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.


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Well I did a little searching, and it looks like the file ltmdmnt.sys has to do with modem drivers. So before you unistalling service pack one, I would try reinstalling your modem drivers, or better yet see if there are any updated drivers and install those.

Hope this helps.


More Questions

Thanks for the info... I'm pretty sure that my modem driver is updated (I think I remember doing that from the Windows Update page), but how can I tell for sure? I went to the Lucent page, but it all seemed like a bunch of jibberish to me. Also, if I went the other route and uninstalled my modem, what would I need to get it reinstalled? Does XP just find the modem and install it for you?
Thanks again for the help


Okay to see what version your modem drivers are, goto the device manager (control Panel> system> Hardware Tab> device manager button) Expand modem and right click on your modem select properties and there should be a driver tab, and on that page it should tell you your driver version. I also went to the Lucent page and I did not see any modem drivers, so I think your stuck with the microsoft ones.

As to your second question, if you uninstall the modem, windows should automatically detect it and reinstall the drivers.


That's a real usefull site, Thanks for the link allan.

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