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bloodhound virus

I was told by a member of a site that I help manage of a virus called a bloodhound. I havn't heard of it and was wondering if anyone here has? I can't locate it in definitions either.
thanks j79zlr,I don't know why i didn't think of plugging it into google. I had her run avg and it found a trojan horse. But she didn't say which one it was so I'm assuming it was the bloodhound critter that she first reported. I'm waiting for a confirmation reply and to see if she was able to repair the damage. Thanks, frogg_mann
p.s. She was using Norton, they reported it but couldn't repair it.
Ok now I'm waking up. Bloodhound is what Norton use's to detect virus's. r r r I need some coffee. I'm not real fond of them so I guess thats why i didnt recognize this. Thats my excuse and i'm stick'n to it. r r r thanks,frogg_mann

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