blog vs forum?


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7 Jan 2006
have a new client that wants a blog that is accessible only to them
(ie not john q public)
so, as I am familiar with making forums
and not blogs
what is benefit / difference?
If they want some type of page that is accessible through IE/FF or whatever browser they use, and they don't want "john q public" to access it - may I suggest an Intranet site, or SharePoint setup - it will be web based and only accessible from within their LAN/WAN.

They might not be big enough for SharePoint to be worthwhile, but Intranet only requires IIS and would be simple to get running.
thinking of just making them a forum with a public section and members only
maybe just me, but forum seems more 'profesional" than a "blog"
this is for an aerospace museum for a state
Does it really matter how professional it is, if no one is going to see it?

Where will the item be hosted, an internal server or an external server?

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