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Block size for a stripe array?

i am not sure what block size i should use for this array. i have 2 160gb drives that i am going to be raiding togther. the block size options that i have are 2mb, 1mb, 512k, 256k, 128k, 64k, 32k, 16k

i am thinking 512K. but not too sure

anyone got any ideas?
I have no idea. I was just reading aout striping on either the freebsd or dragonflybsd mailing list and they said that anything other than 32k or 64k was inefficient and slow..
It depends on the file size of the files stored on the drive. Small files go faster with small block size and large files with large block size. So for instance, a web server shoud have small blocks (many small html and image files). If it's the drive you store movies on (and only that size files) you might consider a larger block size. But 64k is a good allround size.

Or maybe I've confused the whole thing since this is about RAID... :/

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