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Block access to the Internet?



I have a unique situation where I want to deny a certain user ANY and ALL access to Internet Explorer, MSN Explorer, or any other program to go out to the Internet. However, I want the user to be able to open an Internet connection to play games, use AIM, check e-mail via Outlook Express, etc. I have set permission settings preventing this user from launching IE or MSN....however, he can still go out to web sites without Explorer! Is there any way to either block his access to any type of browser? If not, can I create a clone of my Internet connection with a firewall blocking all "web" related transfers (that is, only allow P2P and other direct connection transfers)? Thanks!

P.S. I want to be able to configure these settings WITHOUT buying any type of major filtering/blocking software. If, however, there any small programs that can perform these operations, please let me know.
So far, I have only seen a Proxyserver block connections but it does the opposite that you want it blocks everything except browsers
Not much help though that is it, You could try blocking or deactivating certain ports and only allow the MSN, AIM and so on apps to connect through that. Not overly sure how one would do this.

Out of curiousity, why do you need to allow everything but browsers, surely you would need browsers to do most of the stuff on the net dont you.


Good question....my little brother is the answer. I want it so that he CANNOT access any sort of browser whatsoever....however, I want him to be able to use AIM, check his e-mail, play multiplayer games, etc.


Internet Port is 80.

Block that and no browser.

Some Games require port 80 though so it is your call.

Also this is just off the top of my head, How about setting up any IE Program folders as Private (Must be formatted NTFS) wouldn't that disable IE on any other restricted account? I Dunno if it will work but hey it is worth a try. Go
HERE For info on how to make folders private.
You could also turn off Simple File Sharing (in the Tools -> Folder Options -> Views tab)

Then right click on the Internet Explorer program folder and deny his account access to the program folder. You could also deny him access to the IE program itself as well, just to make sure.

You need to have your hard drive formatted with NTFS to do this though.


That's true....however, he would still be able to access MSN Explorer. I've blocked both of these from running on his user account....BUT, he can still surf the web by simply opening explorer and typing a URL in the Address field. I took away that toolbar, but he could just add it back.

P.S. How can I block port 80?


Uninstall MSN Explorer.

Start/Control Panel/Add Remove Programs/Add Remove Windows Components/ Remove MSN Explorer....

To Block Ports you will need a Port stopper program there are alot out there but they all have to run in the background. I dunno a freeware one Maybe someone else can help with that. If you had a router it would be simple but alas i don't think u do.

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