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Bliss screensaver



Okay, I downloaded the Bliss .scr for XP home, unzipped it and still can not get it in the right file (display properties, screensavers) Help!!


if i remember right, go into the unzipped folder that the file is stored in look at all the files that were unzipped i belive its only 3 or 4, i dont remeber wich file it is exactly. so just try them all. it will either work or it wont.

ps. when it works it should auto. start the screen saver, then if you look in your disp. properties it should be there.:D
To wich folder did you unzip the screensaver ?

You must unzip it to this folder:

then it will be automatically recognized by windows and then you can choose it with display -> properties

Hope this helps :D
there are 3 files in the bliss zip-file.
unzip them to a temp folder.

Either use the file called install.exe or move the file bliss.scr to the folder windows\system32

Worked for me ;) :D

p.s. It's a real nice screensaver :)


:) i never actually picked a spot for it to unzip to, i just had it go to default /unzipped, maybe thats why i had the same prob. thx maybe next time i will try that instead.

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