BLAST FROM THE PAST: What cartoons did you watch 5 years ago?


Nukes and Candy
Ive always wonder what people watch on TV. What cartoons were you watching 5 years ago? how about as a kid for that matter?

Me, I was a fan of Doug on nikellodeon (dont know the spelling).

"AAAeeeeuuuuu, Killer tou fuuuuuu"


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As a kid? Oh man was so many good ones (not like today). :) I would say Fraggle Rock, G.I. Joe, Transformers, ect. :p


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Batman, Animaniacs, Bobbys World (that show was funny) Trasformers and later Beast machines. I also watched Reboot... watch out for Hexadecimal!! and Megabyte!! haha... the memories.


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Rocko's Modern Life,Angry Beavers,Rugrats,CatDog,

Salute Your Shorts...wasnt a cartoon but still funny

I love me some Rocko though! Best show ever!


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Speed Buggy, Scooby Doo, G-Force, Bugs Bunny, Voltron, GI Joe, He-Man, Yogi Bear etc...
Fav of all time has to be a fairly current one though.. Family Guy :)

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