Black screen windows 7 ?

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1 Feb 2004
No clue where to post this so I will do it here. I have windows 7 and when I alt tab out of games I sometimes get a black screen. Sometimes I don't get the black screen but it happens more than I would like. I even got a black screen tonight while in WoW changing my songs with the media buttons on my keyboard. I've tried to find a solution online but there is no fix that I see. I have the latest drivers for everything in my computer. Installed a few times to see if i can fix this problem. I have no virus or spyware. I've scanned with multiple programs.
'media buttons on my keyboard' = third party drivers for your hardware - what brand are you running? Can you duplicate the black screen effect in other games? Can you duplicate it by using Windows hot keys like ALT+TAB to go to your desktop?

I have found Windows 7 to be the first Windows incarnation to actually do this OK ....

Also of note, are you gaming at your laptop screens native resolution?

What it sounds like is that the game is changing the resolution when you open it, and not changing it back when you close it ...
There are a lot of people with this problem but no solid fix. I have SLI 285 and my fiancee has a 460 and both of our screens always goes black sometimes it comes back up with an error saying the device drivers have failed but restarted again but a lot of the times it just goes black and you have to restart the computer. I've read thousands of fixes but not a one works on our computers. We both have updated drivers. No problems with temps. Our computer is fine until we play games. From what I see microsoft blames nvidia but nvidia blames microsoft so neither side will help you.
Random idea since your running SLI trying disabling that and see if the problem is still present.

Also see if its present without using your media keys or even listing to music while playing a game.
it still happens. I typed about the media keys just for people to get the idea of I can do anything and it will freeze. The problem is I have the sli she doesn't it happens to her more than me. ><

we read somewhere that asus motherboards don't get a long with physx but meh. I don't know. It happens to me as well just not as much as it happens to her. We play WoW together and shes the healer so when her computer freezes it gets annoying.
I think, that’s could be virus attack! Or you can format your c drive and reinstall win 7.

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