Black hawk down cheat already?



Ive been playing the black hawk down demo online since the day it was released to download. Some people have started complaining of other people cheating and I've noticed other players being unusually hard to kill ( I snuck on another player sniping and shot him in the back of the head with a whole clip and he turned around and shot me. I went back and shot him again continuously till he died) Does this mean people are already cheating? Do you know of any?


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you said that you killed him, so how can he cheats?
It's a problem with your internet connection,because it's slow and your ping time is slow too then when you shot him you thought that the message arrived in time but no it didn't.


i have at&t broad band.. I download at 1.8 meg a second on a slow day.. I highly doubt it was my internet connection dude


I've got ot agree with you - sometimes people just will not die. I mean, I do have a 56k connection, but I've been stood behind someone who was in one of the tanks and emptied 2 FULL clips into his head at point blank range and he didn't die - he shot me once and I died, This isn't an isolated incident either - couple of my mates play this regularly and have also come across this. But like you said - they do seem to die as you never see a game where anyone has 0 deaths at the end.


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Hi avs long time since I've seen you on here

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I dont think theres any cheating involved like you said every body dies on the game prolly a really fast connection and loads of experience.
and on the rare occasion the shoes been on the other foot I've guys chase me down the street blasting away and my health is still @ 100% (funny how they're all called mongoose) might even be a bug in the game

couple o tips for ya (you should know these already)

to take a guy out thats sat in a tank try using the knife (much more satisfying)

for the guy who wont die by the gun
try grenades they always work

:p :p :p


zig zag.. I was just recruited by a clan known as monarchy cuzz i killed 52 guys and died 16 times.. tonight i killed 42 and died 11 that fast connection can help sometimes dont ya think or... maybe its xp-erience.... lol


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bit o both

52 & 42 wow they're big numbers

I'm usually around the 30 mark

I gotta pick & choose my my shots carefully because of lag (playing with a ping of 5,000)

if they're running side to side I got no chance of hitting them

if we ever get broadband in this area watchout

:p :p :p


I play the game myself and it appears the server is on the house side, who ever is controlling the server is controlling the game.

The more players enter the game the greater ping times.

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