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Black and White Doesnt load


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Ok i installed black and white and i clicked on the blackandwhite icon (start menu program and black and white) then after that it shows the black and white logo and lionhead then after that nothing happens, it doesnt load the game!. Wtf is this ? It worked with my geforce 2 MX, and i got a radeon 9700pro. any help?


apparently a 'known issue' with B&W & W2k/XP...I have the same problem, I bought the Creature Isle disc in the hope of getting back into enjoying the game, but it doesnt work on XP, no patch to fix it :(


Ok i had a problem alot like this even before xp (and still had it with xp when i had the urge to play it again a few months ago)
even though i've got a completely different system now.

Annnnyway to the point the bug was that B&W trys for some mysterious reason to connect using your internet connection on loading, for some ppl it doesnt do this very well and instead locks the pc even if it does have an internet connection. They never seemed to fix this bug.

Now i cant find my b&w cd and so cant reinstall and the EA games site seems to think support means game advertising so you have to look at the games readme.txt and find the line that will tell it you have no netconnection which you add to your shortcut.


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ya i added /FORCEINETCONN to the target line in the icon. I click on the icon i see the logo and still nothing happens it doesnt start.
If it puts up the logo and then just shuts the game down it could be a copy protection bug. I'll assume it's a real cd not a copy.

B&W uses safe disk 2 which I've had problems with on some of the microsoft games (had to spend $100 bucks in upgrades to be able to play a $35 game once #!^%$^(*&).

Turn off hide cdr if it's on.

Try it in another cd drive if you have one. CD-DVD drives and older cd/cdrw can prevent the copy protection from working right.

And here comes the really sick suggestion. If you decide it is a copy protection problem search for a nocd patch for the game. It will bypass the copy protection so you can play a legally owned game...



erm no thats not the correct command you have to try to stop the game from trying to use your internet connection on loading, well i finally found a reference to the correct command


i think is the one so try this and hopefully it will work but remember to remove that other one.

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