Bizzare File-Sharing Problem

I'm trying to setup a network between 2 computers, one laptop and one desktop, both running XP Home. Both computers can access the internet. The laptop can access the desktop's shares. The desktop, however, does not have access to laptop. The laptop shows up as a "workgroup computer" but its shared resources do not appear in My Network Places. Mapping a network drive fails because I "may not have permission to access this network resourceā€ Attempting to access the laptop via Workgroup Computers yields the same permissions error. I have disabled all firewalls, and ensured that the XP firewall is disabled on both computers.

I just don't understand why the laptop can connect to the desktop without any problems at all, while the desktop can't connect for anything. When I visit friends, I can hop on their wireless or wired networks and immediately have file sharing. I don't get this one.
I tried it, but got an error message saying that the network path could not be found


I finally got it working. Seems the problem was that NetBios was not installed on my laptop. I knew that it was required for networking, and made sure that it was installed on the desktop, but never thought to check it on the laptop.

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