Bizar Windows Update Problems



I recently installed Windows XP pro and already I've encountered a few problems. But I am quite sure the rest of my problems will be resolved after. Here's the problem, I'll try windows update -> IE loads up and goes to the update page ( And when I click on the "Scan for updates", it goes to the next page "Windows Update is looking for available updates... 0% complete". Everything is well, but after a second or 2; BAM I get an error. A pop window shows up and gives "Error on page" - "Problems with this Web page might prevent it from being displayed properly or function properly....."

I click on show details, and here is what I get:
Line: 71
Char: 2
Error: Object required
Code: 0

I tried solving this problem by myself. I re-installed WinXP approximately 5 times, 2 being complete fresh install(fdisk & format). This problem is still on the prowl and it seems that I will not be able to cure it. I've also searched through the MS Knowledge base, but to no avail. I've contacted the MS support staff but they said that they would get back to me. I hope some of you out there can help with my dilemma.

Thanks in advance,
p.s. This is a GREAT website. :)
Do you have any pop-up ad filters running?

You can also try this. In IE, go to tools> internet options> 'advanced' tab. On this page 'disable script debugging.'


No, I do not have those programs running. I'm running on a fresh install. I refuse to install anything else ti'll I get this matter resolved. I tried your suggestion, but it doesn't seem to work.
Worst comes to worst, is there anyway that I can download the major patches? I have my video card driver running smoothly on xp.

Hmm.. I don't know what the problem could be. I tried the windows update the first day I got my CD a couple of months back and it worked fine. For some reason, the site is restricting me of upgrading my OS.

Could a firewall possibly prevent windows update to work?(although i've tried disabling my firewall, both software and hardware).

Can someone please post a link where I can download the patches/updates manually if things don't work out?

thanks in advance


Does WinXP automatically install Active-X? If not, that could also be my problem. If I am not mistaking, I should be able to see active-x options under 'tools' -> 'internet options' -> 'advance'?

Yeah, hit your Windows Update link. On that page to the left go to Windows Update Catalog> Find updates....> Select your OS and hit the search button. This will give you a couple more links for critical updates and recommended updates. Fill up your basket> go to download basket> choose a spot to download to.


I got a respond back from Microsoft, they basically told me that my copy was old. I have ver 5.1 build 2505. And in order to use the windows update or to install the patche/drivers I would need build 2600. A new copy is on it's way from microsoft =)

Thanks for the help Lonman. It was greatly appreciated.

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