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bios settings



This post may be a bit off xp.
I had to change my bios setting from 9x133/33 to 12x100/33 in order to get my new ram (pc150) to boot.
All other memory settings are "maxed out" such as turbo, etc.
I have an athlon 1.2 on a kt7araid.
How do you think this helped/lessened my performance?


It should have reduced performance by a considerable amount in Benchmarks cuz u dropped the FSB by 25% even though u kept the same clock speed...
yeah i'm with highwind on this, your probably suffering more of a performance decrese due to lowering the FSB cause now your FSB isn't even keeping up with the ram, it would be better performance wise just to keep ya bus at 133mhz and get some 133mhz ram...and i'd be wary of a pc150 stick that couldn't handle 133mhz bus so the stick itself might be having some problems


thanks. It is frustrating. I ordered a stick, determined it was not up to par, returned it. and got another just as worthless.
No more kingmax pc150 for me>
I am ram shopping. Any advice appreciated, both what kind to buy and where to buy.


Crucial has good RAM. Got all my RAM there, no problems at all. http://www.crucial.com

I just checked their prices, they've gone up quite a bit since I bought RAM a few months ago. Are RAM prices going up in general?


nono...RAM is getting cheaper and cheaper and cheaper in general...seems crucial having some sales problems now(drop a lot after their winter season sales)...


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Highwind must not have been watching memory prices over the last couple of months. Two months ago I bought Kingston PC2100 512meg modules for $96. Today the cheapest PC2100 512meg modules on pricewatch are $116 and it shows that as a drop from previous prices. DDR ram is definitely more expensive than it was 2 months ago, and not just Crucial.
yup ram prices are going up, every so often the 7 major ram manufactures meet and set prices, just like the oil companies, they decided the market was flooded with cheap ram so they slowed down production to bring the price back up :p


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Ram has certainly gone up.

Here in the Philippines in December, just before Xmas I bought 128Mg of SDRAM for US$15.20. Today the same amount of SDRAM is US$27.00.

Looks like I just wait until it comes down again. :(


thanks for all replys. I bought a 256m pc150c2 (crucial) yesterday and WOW! It was $69, but I am glad I did not wait till it came down. By the way, I got the last stick Fry's Electronics had in stock. The performance is great. My Sandra # went up, my system is much faster, and it boots smoothly.
thanks again for the input.

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