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BIOS sees video card, XP doesnt


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ok my hardware was working fine before i reloaded my OS. after reloading the OS everything seemed OK. i installed my mobo drivers and then install my video drivers and nvidia says there is no video card to install drivers for. i look in Comp Mang. and there is nothing there for display adapters.

i look in my bios and it sees it just fine. i even did another reinstall and same thing happened...no video card.

i have a K8N mobo and a 6800 GS OC. i dont have another video card to try this.

how come XP will not see the video card???? please help!!!!!!
last time i had that issue was a pre SP1,

go in device manager and remove all PCX, PCI and AGP and then reboot and let it detect them. and point it to the inf files from the mobo driver. also go to nvidia.com and download the latest drivers.

hopefully that works.


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its not showing any AGP in device manager and i have DL the latest drivers and it doesnt matter, the OS is not seeing it.


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called BFG, after being on hold for 45 minutes and talking to them maybe for 10 minutes we figured out the problem. the version drivers that nvidia uses is not compatible to the GS....of course....once i installed the drivers that came on the CD everything worked fine.

what a pain in the ass. been pulling my hair the last four hours.
nice one BFG


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It seems odd than a GS wouldnt be supported by the current set of drivers. Were you trying to install the 81.98's ?

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